We support education and the local labor market, as well as we encourage our tourists. Therefore we guarantee the best prices for students, employees and group of tourists.

Each room has a solid, wood bed and other furnitures, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and its own bathroom with shower and toilet. Rooms also have a balcony. And to make it even better Dear Guests, we provide you with your own lockers and free access to WiFi in the entire hostel. Your safety is our priority, therefore our security staff is always there supported by monitoring system.



1 person

2 people

3 people

5 people

6 people


90 zł

130 zł

160 zł

200 zł

220 zł

That’s the whole point to feel cosy and safe just like at home.

Down below you will find prices per one night.

We offer convenient payment methods. Call and find out more!

We invite students, firms and groups to “Promotion” tab.

*prices may changed for holidays and mass events.

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